World’s First Mercedes-AMG Branded Race Track Opens


TrackWorthy - AMG Speedway (2)
TrackWorthy - AMG Speedway (2)
“Customers and fans can experience the essence of our brand here first hand.”Tobias Moers, CEO, Mercedes-AMG
Mercedes-AMG was born on the race track more than 50 years ago and now, for the first time anywhere in the world, a race track bears its name. The AMG Speedway in South Korea marks the beginning of a new era of the AMG community. The 4.3-kilometre circuit is about 40 kilometres from the South Korean capital of Seoul.

“The AMG Speedway is the world’s first racetrack bearing our name,” said Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG. “This underlines the importance of South Korea as one of our main markets. The AMG Speedway is thus not only an important step in the further dynamic development of AMG in South Korea. It also stands for the strategic expansion of our face-to-face communication. Customers and fans can experience the essence of our brand here first hand.”

TrackWorthy - AMG Speedway (1)
Mercedes-AMG in South Korea recorded a significant double-digit growth and a new sales record in 2017. The AMG Speedway is based on South Korea’s first permanent racetrack which was built in 1995. The circuit was extensively reconfigured and expanded in 2011 with designs by renowned Formula 1 racetrack designer Hermann Tilke. The circuit winds its way through 17 turns and over a bridge on the grounds of the Everland Resort theme park on the outskirts of Seoul.
TrackWorthy - The AMG Lounge

Mercedes-AMG will use the AMG Speedway for the presentation of new models, dealer training, and other customer driver training and experiential events.

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