New Master Maserati Driving Courses for 2016


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“At its core, control in extreme conditions on snow and ice at Arjeplog, just 70 km from the Arctic Circle…

The Master Maserati 2016 programme is extended and more complete than ever with tailor-made courses designed for those seeking a well-designed and exclusive experience to teach them how to handle Maserati cars in all situations with maximum levels of safety.

For the 2016 Driving Courses season there are two brand new formats: beginning in March, for the first time, Maserati have created an extraordinary, exclusive “SnowMaster Experience” in Lapland. At its core, control in extreme conditions on snow and ice at Arjeplog, just 70 km from the Arctic Circle; here participants will improve their driving skills to the utmost and fully exploit Maserati cars’ impressive performance even in the most extreme conditions, in a very enjoyable, driving-intensive two-day course.

New Master Maserati Driving Courses for 2016

SnowMaster Experience

The second innovation is the “Master Premium”, a two-day course packed with thrills, focusing on advanced GT driving techniques with safety and sporty driving as its aim. The perfectly balanced, carefully developed course is taught by top professional instructors highly skilled in teaching the right techniques for driving high-performance cars. This advanced course includes in-depth telemetry analysis and exercises in oversteer control, as well as several other emergency driving skills.

The two brand new Master Maserati Driving Courses enhance the scope of an already complete, wide range of Driving Course experiences: starting from the “Master Warm Up” for entering the Maserati world as a special guest, continuing with the classic “Master GT 1 Day”, to the “Master High Performance” for more skilled drivers, who will be taught GT driving techniques in high-performance cars to true professional racing driver standard, through to the “Master Italian Lifestyle Experience”, which blends together many of the best-known and interesting features of Italian culture and fine living.

Not only for sport and luxury car enthusiasts or customers, dedicated “Master Incentive” driving courses can also be specifically arranged for companies, as an ideal programme for motivational events, team building and conventions.

New Master Maserati Driving Courses for 2016

SnowMaster Experience

To enable participants to experience the entire range, all Maserati models will be used for the courses: from the flagship Quattroporte luxury saloon, to the new top-of-the-range executive Ghibli which marks Maserati’s entrance into the E segment of the market, through to the Brand’s sportiest models, the GranTurismo coupe and the GranCabrio convertible. A fleet of fifteen vehicles, each with an audio/video recording system installed on board, will be available to help participants to understand in depth, with the instructors, the quality of their performance and how to improve their driving skills. They are guaranteed exciting experiences and emotional thrills, whilst ensuring they use their on-road driving techniques with safety and control, even in emergency situations.

The “SnowMaster Experience” will be held along the scenic tracks of Lapland, the ideal location for learning all the skills required to driving with confidence on the most treacherous of surfaces; participants will have the unique opportunity to drive in the same conditions and on the same testing areas where all Maserati cars are extensively tested in-depth at low temperatures during their development phase.

All the other Master Maserati Driving Courses will be held at the Autodromo Varano de’ Melegari, approximately 20 km from Parma; the circuit is perfect for developing driving skills and combines excellent track characteristics with professional facilities, ensuring that track sessions take place with maximum safety, under the careful teaching supervision of the best Master instructor-drivers, selected and led by former Formula 1 driver Andrea de Adamich.

New Master Maserati Driving Courses for 2016

In further detail, the Master Maserati 2016 Programme initiative offers the following range of courses:

SNOWMASTER EXPERIENCE: the course is designed to enhance participants’ skills in car control in typical extreme winter conditions, against the backdrop of one of the most naturally magical places on Earth.

Event Dates: 13-16 March / 15-18 March
Location: Arjeplog, Swedish Lapland
Event duration: 4 days, 2 days of driving course
MASTER WARM UP: the course offers those clients who are interested an optional morning visit to the Modena Factory. It features several driving sessions on the circuit to enable all participants to gain familiarity with the most effective driving techniques for use not just on the track but on the road too.

Event Dates: 21 April / 9 June / 13 September
Location: Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) Autodrome
Event duration: 1 day. 9 am: Modena Factory Tour (optional), 11.45 am: Start of driving course on track at Varano de’ Melegari
MASTER GT 1 DAY: a whole day dedicated to improving circuit driving techniques. It includes telemetry and exercises in oversteer control.

Event Dates: 27 April / 10 June / 14 September
Location: Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) Autodrome
Event duration: 1 day
MASTER PREMIUM: a two-day course to improve circuit driving techniques. It includes telemetry and driving exercises on a slippery, low grip surface.

Event Dates: 10-11 May / 13-14 June / 5-6 July / 28-29 September / 18-19 October
Location: Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) Autodrome
Event duration: 2 days
MASTER HIGH PERFORMANCE: advanced concepts for fast driving and more technically complex control exercises, with a dynamic that suits the individual needs and expectations of the participants, who are able to analyse all technical aspects of their performance with the aid of intensive, professional use of telemetry.

Event Dates: 6-7 October / 8-9 November
Location: Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) Autodrome
Event duration: 2 days
MASTER ITALIAN LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE: this is a five star lifestyle programme, absolutely captivating for both driver and companion. The package includes a circuit driving session and an exclusive sightseeing tour of Florence and Parma, two of Italy’s richest cities in terms of cultural heritage.

Event Dates: 14-15 July
Location: Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) Autodrome, plus Florence and surrounding areas
Event duration: 2 days. Day 1 at the Autodrome, Day 2 in and around Florence.