New Lamborghini Huracán Polizia Delivered to Italian Police



Automobili Lamborghini has delivered a new Lamborghini Huracán Polizia, the police version of its Huracán supercar, to the Italian Highway Patrol in Rome. The keys were handed over to Interior Minister, Senator Marco Minniti, at the Viminale building by Stefano Domenicali, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini. Also attending the ceremony was Chief of Police and General Director of Public Safety Franco Gabrielli.

The Lamborghini Huracán of the Italian Police is to be assigned to the Highway Patrol in Bologna. It will be used both in normal police operations and for the urgent transport of blood and organs. Another Huracán has been operated by the Highway Patrol in Rome since 2015.

TrackWorthy - Lamborghini Huracan Polizia (Second)

The Huracán Polizia is used in highway patrol service, and for first aid and emergency medical transport. It sports the official colors of the Italian Police, Police Medium Blue, with the white areas and lettering specially executed to match the Huracán’s dynamic look. The livery is completed by a stripe divided into the three colors of the Italian flag, which runs along both sides of the vehicle. The Huracán Polizia is equipped with P Zero Pirelli tires with sidewalls that are tinted in Police Medium Blue and were specially created for the occasion.

As is true for the standard model, the Huracán Polizia is equipped with a V10 engine that produces 610 HP, as well as all-wheel drive and a hybrid chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber. The passenger compartment has been given the latest advancements in high technology including an on-board system consisting of a tablet supplemented with a computer, recording equipment and a video camera. These systems are used to document police operations on the road.

In addition to its high tech equipment, the Huracán Polizia is fitted with the traditional array of police equipment, such as a gun holster, portable extinguisher, standard VHF police radio and hooks for retaining the classic red-and-white, hand-held stop sign used to stop vehicles safely.

TrackWorthy - Lamborghini Huracan Polizia (Third)

An essential task of the Huracán Polizia is to provide medical assistance. The luggage compartment at the front of the vehicle has a special refrigeration system for the urgent transport of organs. To provide emergency first aid to the injured, the Huracán is also equipped with a defibrillator. In 2016, a number of transport operations were performed with the Lamborghini cars operated by the Italian Police.

The Highway Patrol is constantly engaged in meeting the need for medical assistance. In 2016, there were 176 requests for assistance from all over Italy, requiring involvement from 462 police patrols. 120 patrols provided assistance to persons afflicted with special medical conditions, 111 and 74 transported organs and plasma/blood, respectively, 117 carried serums/vaccines and medications, and 40 teams were employed for other associated purposes.