New BMW Z4 Undergoes Driving Dynamics Testing


TrackWorthy - BMW Z4 (1)
TrackWorthy - BMW Z4 (1)
“…the new BMW Z4 is geared consistently towards agility and driving dynamics.”Jos van As, Head of Application Suspension
The all-new BMW Z4 has all of elements of a classic roadster; a long hood, short overhangs, low centre of gravity, soft top and just two seats. BMW has been fine-tuning the Z4 by turning laps at the BMW test centre in Miramas in the south of France while working on the cars driving dynamics.

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“The vehicle concept of the new BMW Z4 is geared consistently towards agility and driving dynamics,” said Jos van As, Head of Application Suspension. “The high level of body stiffness and the very rigid suspension attachment provide the perfect basis for a set-up that guarantees the performance qualities of a genuine sports car in terms of steering precision as well as longitudinal and transverse acceleration.”

BMW are focusing on fine-tuning of all drive and suspension systems of the Z4 using a heavily disguised prototype at the Autodrome de Miramas. The highest performance model of the new range will be the Z4 M40i. It will have an in-line 6-cylinder engine, lowered sports suspension with electronically controlled dampers, newly developed front axle, M light alloy wheels, M sports braking system and an electronically controlled lock in the rear axle differential.

Like the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, the Miramas test centre offers conditions for the Z4 to test its driving dynamics potential. Used by BMW to develop and test new models for more than 30 years, the centre is comprised of a long asphalt oval, a ring road for high-speed tests as well as slalom, serpentine and circular tracks and a number of handling courses and circuits featuring diverse types of surfaces. These are currently being used for detailed analysis and optimisation of the roadster’s acceleration, steering and brake response. As an example, the final form of the adaptive M suspension as it interacts with the rear axle limited-slip differential is developed on a circuit that is also used for testing purposes by BMW Motorsport.
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The new BMW Z4 is set to go on sale in early 2019. Pricing has not been released yet.

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