MG Launches All-New Electric Cyberster Convertible


MG Cyberster

MG has unveiled their new 2-door electric Cyberster convertible which is scheduled to go on sale in the UK and Europe in the summer of 2024. Unfortunately, no indication that this or any of the MG lineup will be available in the US or Canada. For those of us on this side of the pond, we will have to rely on those rare sightings of MGA, MGB and MG Midget’s that were sold here between 1955 and 1980.

MG Cyberster
“Our intention was to create a completely new roadster ready for a new generation of sportscar drivers and which opens a bold and compelling new chapter for MG.”Carl Gotham, Advanced Design Director

“The focus for Cyberster was to create a design that was respectful of the brand’s illustrious past and to bring back that sporting bloodline, while also being absolutely clear that it should be modern and forward-facing like the MG of today, completely in-tune with the rapid transition to electric vehicles.”

MG Cyberster

One of the show stopping design features of this soft-top convertible are the scissor doors. MG has not released any details regarding the Cyberster’s powertrain, performance or price. MG’s current all-electric lineup includes the MG4 5-door hatchback, MG5 5-door wagon and MG ZS SUV, which range in price from £27,000 to £31,000 or $45,000 to $52,000 CAD.

“This is the perfect time to introduce an MG that completely reconnects with our performance DNA and is designed to enthral the driver on every level,” said Guy Pigounakis, MG Motor UK’s Commercial Director. “MG is all set for an electric, sporting future and it is the perfect way to start celebrating our 100th anniversary.”

According to MG, they are the fastest growing car brand in the UK. MG is based in London, England and owned by Chinese automaker SAIC Motor.

MG Cyberster

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