How Fast is a Tuned & Lifted Silverado?


“I was going for low to mid 15’s in the quarter-mile, ended up at 15.6 at 87MPH—so I am pretty happy with the results…”

Adam Maqboul, American Trucks
TrackWorthy - AmericanTruck - Sdrag22

In a recent episode of AmericanTrucks’ (AT) “The Haul”, Adam Maqboul installs a trio of bolt-on modifications to his 2016 Silverado LT equipped with 33” all-terrain tires and 6” lift before taking it to the drag strip. While not trying to set any records, the purpose of this video is to see what kind of power and sound his 5.3L V-8 can produce with just a cold-air intake, tune and catback exhaust.

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Adam takes you through his list of bolt-ons, explaining why they were selected, before applying a tune to maximize performance and ensure that his new mods make every bit of power possible. After that, Adam puts his Silverado on AT’s in-house dynamometer to see the results before taking it down the quarter-mile at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA.


See how fast it goes HERE

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