Experiencing the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport at 400 km/h


What is it like to buy a multimillion dollar Bugatti and drive it at more than 400 km/h? Eighteen very fortunate Bugatti owners were given the unique opportunity of finding out for themselves. They arrived from around the world at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The historic facility, where NASA used to land the Space Shuttle, has a 3 mile or 4,8 km stretch of tarmac.

“Just a few years ago achieving 400 km/h required months of careful preparation, the very best motorsport drivers and the most favorable conditions.”Christophe Piochon, President of Bugatti Automobiles

“For a very long time no production car could get anywhere near that speed, even for a moment. But today, in the world of our meticulously engineered and designed Bugatti hyper sports cars, we opened up this performance to our customers in absolute safety and allow them something that very few people will ever have, and most of them even had a chance to experience this with their own car. This kind of moment is part of the incomparable magic of Bugatti.”

Each of the Bugatti owners were able to attain top speeds of 400 km/h or higher. The fastest of the group hit 412 km/h or a staggering 256 mph. Following their speed runs they received a certificate, personalised race suit, and a helmet with their name on it, date and maximum speed that they were able to achieve.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport uses its 1,578 hp W16 quad-turbo engine and 7 speed transmission to accelerate from 0-300 km/h in just 11 seconds. It can hit 400 km/h in 6th gear. It doesn’t shift into 7th gear until it is going 403 km/h. All staggering numbers and tough to comprehend. Travelling at 400 km/h is the equivalent of going the length of one and a quarter football fields per second. At that speed the tires have to be able to contend with 5 tons of outward pressure.

“To travel at 400 km/h and above you need absolute confidence in the car,” said Evan Cygler, Brand Manager of Bugatti Greenwich. “It’s an intense and exhilarating experience that depends on you and the car being in peak condition and fortunate enough to have the perfect environmental conditions; not too windy, nor too hot, not too wet. With the expert guidance of the Bugatti team, I could break through 400 km/h. The Chiron Super Sport felt as capable at 400 km/h as it did at 200 km/h. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and that only reinforces my passion for the incredible Bugatti brand. “

Photography & Video By Bugatti

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