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Below is a collection of awesome Porsche 911 Carrera reviews and driving experiences that we’ve hand-picked and annotated for your viewing pleasure. We constantly update all of our Experience sections to provide you the freshest and best content to satisfy your car-porn needs.

First up, we have Carfection’s For the Love of Cars review.  Cynics should reconsider, well, being cynical. They should cast aside concerns over sound, the new twin turbo, and Porsche straying further from its pure sports car roots.  The 991 MK2 has lots to offer:  better torque, more horsepower, improved fuel efficiency.  It’s pretty to behold, its steering feels phenomenal.  Most importantly, the new engine pulls hard making the car “properly quick.”  Though “not quite as awake,” or “ferocious” as its naturally aspirated predecessor, “the magic’s still there. It still feels good. It goes, man… It goes so fast!”

Next, our Dutch friends at hartvoorautos show us a great drive in the new Porsche 911 991 MK2 Carerra S. Be warned, all you non-Dutch speakers out there, you won’t understand the audio. But that’s okay, that’s what subtitles are for! The video is more than worth watching: great engine sounds and breathtaking cinematography mixed with head-cam driving shots that will boost your adrenaline more than noticing police lights in your rearview. Hartvoorautos concludes, “More than ever, you feel like you’re driving a sports car. And that’s great!”

The evo team can always be trusted to provide meticulous, well-shot reviews, sprinkled with simile and florid language. Although not an “official review,” this is no exception.  Whilst driving a magnificent Riviera Blue 911 991 MK2 Carrera S with glee, Henry Catchpole nearly waxes poetic describing the new engine’s sound and power: “this really has a proper crescendo that builds and builds right up to the top of the rev range,” making it behave more like a naturally aspirated engine than a turbo. He goes further to suggest that, incredibly, something about the engine makes the car sound similar to the adored air-cooled engines of days long past.  Henry also notes that the car “has real feel in the steering,” much more so than the 991 MK1, providing “textural feedback through the wheel.”  He was “certainly very pleased” with his experience.

The Porsche 911 Turbo S is the pinnacle of the sub-hypercar Porsche lineup, and, therefore, video coverage is absolutely necessary, despite the current limited supply. Although there’s some heavy Italian accent going on here, it’s easily comprehensible. Besides, this video is more about beholding the power than the prose. Ciao!

This is the 911 we wish had but never will, even if we could afford it. YouCar puts the spectacular, limited-production 911R through its paces.  And, boy, does she fly. If you’re a guy, leave some space between you and your desk — this kitty’s growl is can cause unanticipated effects…

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