All-American Supercar: The Aria FXE


TrackWorthy - Aria FXE
TrackWorthy - Aria FXE

This year’s Los Angeles Auto Show is a treasure trove of track-worthy debuts. As California is known for its perfect weather and as the world’s tech mecca, it’s little wonder that we see so many sun-suited cars unveiled here, many of which push the performance envelope, employing the latest in e-hybrid technologies.

For obvious reasons, this is good news for TrackWorthy. We’re releasing a series of short articles highlighting the most exciting track-worthy debuts from the show, including photos, videos and interviews with some of the key people involved in conceptualizing, producing and selling these magnificent cars.

Previously, we released our coverage of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. Below is the second in our series:

The Aria FXE

“It’s the new American Supercar.” Kevin Cain, CTO, Aria
We’re thrilled to see a proper supercar emerge from North America, for a change. Orange County, California-based Aria is showing off the production design model of its Aria FXE.

“It’s the new American Supercar,” declares Kevin Cain, CTO of Aria. The FXE certainly has all the trimmings of a supercar. Its American, short block, mid-mounted, supercharged V8 engine produces over 700 horsepower, and its electric dual axle flux motors in the front together generate an additional 430 horses. In total, the FXE puts out more than 1100 horsepower and a staggering 1300 lbs/ft of torque capable of launching the FXE from zero to sixty mph in around 3.1 seconds on the way to a top speed exceeding 200 mph, according to Aria’s calculations.

We apologize for the poor audio quality during parts of the video. Sadly, we experienced a technical issue with our mic.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the FXE also screams supercar. The FXE’s low, aggressive posture and flowing lines ensure that it will fit in the company of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens. And, as with such other supercars, the FXE’s aesthetic qualities also serve functional purposes –Aria has a dedicated aerodynamicist who ensures that every curve and angle contribute to optimal air flow about the car, in turn producing the right balance of downforce and speed.
  • Made in USA

    Aria’s HQ is in Orange County, California

  • Power

    >1100 horsepower and 1300 lbs/ft of torque from electric motors and V8 engine; 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds; top speed > 200 mph.

  • Body & Chassis

    Patented integrated composite structure; state-of-the-art aerodynamics.

  • Delivery

    Perfecting and testing in 2018; Deliveries starting 2019; Price = “comparable to other supercars in the market” (high six- to low seven-figures).

TrackWorthy - Aria FXE 4

Moreover, the Aria team is quite proud of the car’s integrated composite structure. Whereas other supercars that are built of lightweight, sturdy composite materials still require clunky bolts to connect the myriad metal components to their carbon fiber central tub, Aria has developed a patented manufacturing technique that seamlessly integrates all parts into the FXE’s composite body. The result: a first-of-its-kind chassis, which promises to be lighter and more capable than any other out there.

TrackWorthy - Aria FXE 3

Cain says that Aria will perfect its integrated composite chassis and run rigorous tests on the FXE throughout 2018. Aria plans to make its first customer deliveries in 2019. We can’t wait to test one out to determine whether its performance is as impressive as its design.

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